👋 Hi, I’m Peter#

I live in the US and work as a Senior Software Engineer. Previously, I lived in Russia and Belarus, working for Yandex and EPAM in the same position.

I write about Python, vim, git, and software engineering in general. I’m trying to keep a public journal about non-technical topics.

Articles and notes#


Notes from my reading list#

My open-source projects#

  • kibitzr - Lightweight personal web assistant.

  • pip-compile-multi - Flexible Python dependency version locker.

  • awsme - Amazon Web Services Cloud Watch Metrics Library.

  • gcpfwup - GCP Firewall update tool.

  • reshell - Reverse shell for deployment debugging.

  • Git form saver - HTTP API to submit HTML forms to git.

  • OpenAI CLI - command-line interface for OpenAI GPT-3 model.

  • Image checker - fictional JPEG validation microservice I use for experiments.

  • Backgammon counter - Small 11ty + tailwind web page, mostly built by GPT-4.

My side gig#

Selling puppies at French bulldogs DMV

Projects that did not#

Projects that might#