Collecte - self-hosted open source email collector#

Collect emails on your static website into your private git repo. The solution is targeted at people who already have a Linux server and domain, or don’t mind to get one. You have to be familiar with basics of operating a web server. No Python knowledge is required, but service is going to use it.


  • You’ll need to host a Linux server somewhere.

  • You’ll need a domain to serve the API requests.

  • It can be a tiny virtual machine, like Google’s free tier f1-micro.

  • It can be a Heroku node, which will save a few minutes configuring nginx.

  • You’ll need to be familiar with shell to install and configure service.

  • The page with the email signup form can be hosted anywhere, for example on GitHub pages.

What you get#

Python service running on a virtual machine using systemd unit. Nginx serving a single API endpoint. Private git repository, that stores all submitted emails into a plain text file.

How it works#

  • Service accepts POST requests at /singup.

  • Appends the received email to emails.txt.

  • Commits changes.

  • Pushes the commit to the upstream.

  • Redirects user to “thanks” page.

How to install#

Instruction are written for Ubuntu Linux, but can be applied to any other Linux distribution.

  1. Create a system user to run the service. sudo adduser --system collecte --home /var/lib/collecte

  2. Setup git repo for saving emails. cd /var/lib/collecte && sudo -u collecte git init .

  3. Create an SSH key pair to push the repo. sudo -u collecte ssh-keygen

  4. Make sure the public key is accepted at the upstream git repo.

  5. Install collecte inside of a virtualenv.

    sudo su collecte
    python3 -m venv /var/lib/collecte/.venv
    source /var/lib/collecte/.venv/bin/activate
    pip install collecte
  6. Create systemd unit.

    sudo cat >/etc/systemd/system/collecte.service <<EOF
    Description=collecte HTTP API
  7. Enable and start the service.

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl enable collecte.service
    sudo systemctl start collecte.service
  8. Install nginx. sudo apt install nginx

  9. Configure nginx to proxy pass requests to the collecte service. Edit /etc/nginx/sites-available/default to have the following section.

    location /signup {
  10. Ensure nginx configuration is valid and restart nginx.

sudo nginx -t && sudo systemctl restart nginx.service