Amazon ADR process#



  • Amazon implements ADRs without AAF in a strictier setup.

  • Anyone can start an ADR.

  • ADR can have several authors, who maintain and communicate the ADR content. They are called “owners”.

  • Everyone can contribute to the ADR. All changes must be approved by the owner.

  • ADR goes through a review with a team. During review, the ADR can be accepted, rejected, or get new work assigned.

  • ADR requires at least one approval to get accepted.

  • Once accepted or rejected, ADR is immutable. All changes require a new ADR.

  • Project owner seems to have a deciding voice in the process.


Amazon implements ADR in a more bureaucratic way. Instead of seeking advice, the author seeks an approval. The ADR is reviewed by the team, instead of a cross-functional group of stakeholders.