Robots vs. Programmers#



Yegor predicts which new LLM-powered products are going to emerge:

  • Code changes:

    • Report bugs.

    • Fix bugs.

    • Review pull requests.

    • Refactor.

  • Team management:

    • Appraise performance.

    • Onboard new hires.

  • Project management:

    • Formalize requirements.

    • Backlog prioritization.

    • Estimate.

    • Refine bug reports.

    • Analyze technical debt.

    • Suggest new features.

    • Predict.

  • Documentation:

    • Document source code.

    • Document architecture.

    • Cleanup documentation.


Yegor could’ve used ChatGPT to help him format the article :-P

The product ideas make sense on the surface, some look too ambitious, though. I expect to see at least some of them in GitHub and GitLab by the end of 2024.