Seattle Bakeries List#

  1. Bakery Nouveau

    • West Seattle Address: 4737 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

    • Capitol Hill Address: 137 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

    • Burien Address: 426 SW 153rd St, Burien, WA 98166

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Bakery Nouveau is highly acclaimed across its locations in Seattle, often celebrated for its exquisite French pastries and bread. Reviewers consistently praise the twice-baked almond croissant as a standout item. The Capitol Hill and West Seattle locations are both noted for their busy atmosphere, especially during the morning rush, but the quality and taste of the pastries, including their croque monsieur and various cakes, make the wait worthwhile.

  2. Byen Bakeri

    • Address: 15 Nickerson St, Seattle, WA 98109

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Byen Bakeri is celebrated for its authentic Scandinavian offerings in Seattle. Reviewers consistently praise its cozy ambiance and the quality of its baked goods, particularly the Royal Almond Croissant and Princess Cake. It is described as a bit pricey, but the portion sizes and the freshness of the pastries make it worth the cost. Customers also enjoy the quiche and various tarts, appreciating the bakery for its genuine Scandinavian flavors and welcoming atmosphere.

  3. Temple Pastries

    • Address: 2524 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA, 98144

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Temple Pastries is renowned for its artfully crafted baked goods, which are as delightful to look at as they are to eat. This bakery has gained a stellar reputation for its creative and high-quality offerings, particularly the miso caramel and white sesame cruffin, and the horchata brioche donut. Reviewers consistently celebrate the bakery’s croissants and cruffins, noting their perfect flakiness and inventive flavors. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of the bakery adds to the overall experience, making it a must-visit spot for pastry enthusiasts in Seattle’s Central District.

      Customers often mention the exceptional quality of both the savory and sweet options, with the jammy caramelized shallot croissant being a particular highlight. The bakery’s dedication to quality is evident in the care and creativity baked into each item. Whether it’s for a quick breakfast or a leisurely coffee break, Temple Pastries offers a top-tier culinary experience that is highly recommended by locals and visitors alike

  4. Deep Sea Sugar and Salt

    • Address: 6235 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98108

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Deep Sea Sugar and Salt is celebrated for its exquisite and creatively flavored layer cakes, which are often highlighted for their exceptional taste and beautiful presentation. The bakery’s flavor combinations are notably unique, incorporating elements like dark chocolate with porter from Georgetown Brewing or earl grey with bergamot mascarpone cream, which have been highly praised by patrons. These cakes, although on the pricier side, are considered worth the expense due to their quality and the culinary experience they offer.

      The bakery has established a strong reputation not only for personal indulgence but also as a preferred provider for events like weddings and birthdays, offering personalized cake services. The environment of the bakery is described as inviting, with a straightforward service model that allows for both pre-orders and a la carte purchases. Despite its popularity leading to potential waits, the overall customer satisfaction with their offerings remains high.

      Visitors often recommend trying the bakery’s signature cakes, such as the Funfetti or the chocolate blackout cake, both of which are frequently mentioned in reviews for their deliciousness and inventive appeal. The experience of purchasing from Deep Sea Sugar and Salt, including the anticipation and the actual tasting, is frequently described as delightful, making it a notable destination for both locals and visitors in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

  5. Paper Cake

    • Address: 4106 Stone Way N Suite 102, Seattle, WA 98103

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Paper Cake in Seattle has quickly made a name for itself by offering highly creative and visually stunning cakes. Reviewers are enthusiastic about the unique flavor combinations and the aesthetic presentation of the cakes. The bakery, established by Seattle Chef Rachel Yang and Pastry Chef Gabby Park, is noted for its elevated layered cakes which feature a mix of Asian-inspired flavors and classic Western styles.

      Customers have highlighted several standout cakes such as the Black Pink, which includes vanilla cake, quince, black sesame Oreo buttercream, and guava gelee. Another popular choice is the Keel Bill, which combines lemon cake with blackberry jam, lychee gel, raspberry buttercream, and is topped with Froot Loops for an extra playful touch.

      The bakery also offers a “Jewel Box” option that includes a slice of each of the available six cakes, allowing customers to sample a wide range of their offerings. The shop has been well-received for its pleasant indoor seating area and the option for takeaway orders of full cakes or individual slices.

      Overall, the feedback underscores that Paper Cake stands out not only for its cake flavors but also for the artistic presentation, making each piece seem like a small work of art. The unique blending of flavors and high-quality ingredients have left a strong impression on visitors, encouraging many to return to try new and rotating flavors.

  6. Coyle Bakeshop

    • Address: 8300 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Coyle Bakeshop in Seattle is highly regarded for its cozy, neighborhood cafe vibe and its unique offerings, such as the cretzel—a delightful fusion of a pretzel and a croissant. This bakery in Greenwood is celebrated not only for this signature item but also for its diverse range of baked goods including scones, croissants, and beautifully crafted cakes. Patrons particularly appreciate the quality of the pastries, which are described as perfect in texture and taste.

      The coffee at Coyle Bakeshop also receives high marks, making it a favorite spot for both a quick bite and a leisurely coffee break. The ambiance of the bakeshop is noted for its few but welcoming tables, encouraging visitors to linger over their coffee and treats. The lack of WiFi points to a more traditional café experience, where visitors can disconnect and enjoy the simple pleasure of fresh bakery items.

      Overall, Coyle Bakeshop’s dedication to quality and its unique offerings like the ham and cheese croissant and the seasonally flavored scones make it a standout in Seattle’s bakery scene. Its atmosphere and exceptional products consistently draw in both locals and visitors.

  7. Doce Donuts

    • Fremont-Wallingford Address: 4106 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103

    • SLU Address: 2305 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Doce Donuts has quickly garnered attention and praise for its unique blend of traditional Latin flavors with the classic American donut. This Seattle-based donut shop, particularly popular in the Fremont neighborhood, is known for its inventive and richly flavored offerings, including tres leches, Mexican hot chocolate, and guava con queso donuts. The donuts are made from a 24-hour raised brioche dough, which contributes to their fluffy and light texture, making them a standout in the local culinary scene.

      Customers frequently commend the quality and creativity of the flavors, noting that each visit presents an opportunity to experience new taste profiles. The shop’s ambiance, coupled with its focus on high-quality, handmade products, has helped it to establish a loyal customer base. Reviews highlight the shop’s clean environment and friendly staff, further enhancing the dining experience. The attention to detail in both the flavor combinations and the presentation of the donuts at Doce Donuts has led to high customer satisfaction and frequent sell-outs, showcasing their popularity in the community.

      Overall, Doce Donuts is celebrated not just for its food but also for its successful fusion of cultural culinary traditions, making it a must-visit for both donut enthusiasts and those looking to try something new and exciting in Seattle’s vibrant food scene.

  8. Tres Lecheria

    • Address: 2315 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Tres Lecheria in Seattle is highly praised for its specialized and delicious tres leches cakes, available in a variety of unique flavors. The bakery’s signature offerings include traditional tres leches as well as creative variations like Horchata Tres Leches, Dulce de Leche Tres Leches, and Strawberry Tres Leches, among others. Each cake slice incorporates a blend of three milks, topped with ingredients like whipped cream, toasted sponge cake crumbs, or other themed toppings depending on the flavor.

      Customers appreciate the moist and flavorful cakes, often noting how the liquid component of the tres leches is perfectly balanced with the sweetness and textures of the toppings. The bakery has a solid reputation for its high-quality desserts and friendly service, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors looking for a sweet treat.

      The shop’s ambiance and the presentation of its cakes are also well-received, with the bakery providing a welcoming atmosphere that complements its delicious offerings. Tres Lecheria is noted for its ability to maintain traditional dessert qualities while also introducing innovative twists that keep customers returning for more.

      Overall, Tres Lecheria stands out in Seattle’s competitive dessert scene, particularly for those who enjoy rich, milky cakes with a touch of inventive flair.

  9. La Fete Patisserie

    • Address: 7605 SE 27th St #112, Mercer Island, WA 98040

    • Website:

    • Review summary: La Fete Patisserie is celebrated for its high-quality French pastries and cozy café atmosphere, making it a favorite in Mercer Island. The patisserie is renowned for its meticulously crafted and visually appealing pastries such as raspberry chocolate croissants and crème brûlée. While it’s noted that the prices are on the higher side, customers feel that the quality justifies the cost, making it a worthwhile indulgence for special occasions or a luxurious treat.

      Customers appreciate the limited but exquisite selection of pastries, with recommendations to visit early as popular items tend to sell out. The ambiance is described as quaint and charming, perfect for enjoying a leisurely breakfast or afternoon snack. The staff is consistently praised for their friendliness and attentive service, enhancing the overall dining experience.

      La Fete Patisserie is not just a spot for fantastic baked goods but also a place where patrons can enjoy a warm, inviting atmosphere, making it a must-visit for those on Mercer Island looking for top-notch French pastries.

  10. Mainstay Provisions

    • Ballard Address: 612 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98117

    • Denny Triangle Address: 2295 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Mainstay Provisions has quickly established itself as a favorite in Seattle for its blend of café culture and specialty market offerings. It’s popular for its all-day menu that features a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including uniquely crafted sandwiches, salads, and specialty coffees. The atmosphere is often described as welcoming and perfect for both quick visits or leisurely meals.

      Customers frequently commend Mainstay Provisions for its high-quality food and market items. The sausage and bacon breakfast sandwiches are particularly noted for their deliciousness and hearty serving sizes. Additionally, the salted chocolate chip cookie and soft serve have been highlighted as must-try items. The venue combines the convenience of a grocery with the charm of a neighborhood café, providing a variety of local and international products alongside fresh, well-prepared meals.

      The service at Mainstay Provisions is also a point of praise, with staff members described as friendly and efficient. This spot is appreciated for its community vibe and its ability to cater to both fast-paced morning rushes and relaxed afternoons. Whether grabbing a quick coffee or sitting down for a meal, Mainstay Provisions delivers both quality and convenience in a stylish setting.

  11. The Flour Box

    • Address: 5520 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

    • Website: The Flour Box

    • Review summary: The Flour Box in Seattle is celebrated for its outstanding brioche donuts, which are recognized as some of the best in the city. This small bakery, initially a pop-up, has become a permanent fixture, attracting locals and visitors who line up early for their exquisite creations. Their menu includes a variety of inventive flavors like vanilla bean crème brûlée, savory chive cream cheese, and seasonal specials that often feature unique combinations such as Oreo or Thai Tea.

      Customers rave about the high quality of the donuts, noting that they strike the perfect balance of sweetness and are just the right amount of indulgent without being overly heavy. The bakery is also praised for its friendly atmosphere and efficient service, despite the sometimes long lines, which are a testament to the popularity of their offerings.

      Another highlight at The Flour Box is their coffee, especially recommended is the cold brew with burnt honey, which pairs wonderfully with their baked goods. The bakery’s commitment to quality and creativity has made it a standout in Seattle’s competitive pastry scene, making it well worth a visit for anyone looking for exceptional donuts and a charming local experience.

  12. Petit Pierre

    • Address: 2908 NE Blakely St, Seattle, WA 98105

    • Website: Petit Pierre

    • Review summary: Petit Pierre Bakery in Seattle has garnered positive reviews for its high-quality French pastries and inviting atmosphere. The bakery is celebrated for its delicious and flaky croissants, particularly the ham and cheese croissant and the pain au chocolat. Patrons have also praised the Italian sandwich and cinnamon buns, highlighting the bakery as a go-to spot for both savory and sweet treats.

      Customers often mention the welcoming vibe of the bakery, with its cozy seating and friendly staff making it a pleasant place for breakfast or a mid-day snack. Despite sometimes long lines, the wait is deemed worthwhile for the quality of the pastries served. The bakery’s commitment to quality is apparent, with each item freshly prepared and beautifully presented.

      Additionally, Petit Pierre Bakery’s location in Seattle makes it a convenient stop for those in the neighborhood looking to satisfy their pastry cravings. The bakery has been described as a local gem that consistently delivers delightful culinary experiences.

      Overall, Petit Pierre Bakery is highly recommended for anyone seeking authentic French baked goods in Seattle. The bakery’s dedication to creating high-quality pastries and its charming café atmosphere provide a delightful experience for visitors.

  13. Saint Bread

    • Address: 1421 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA 98105

    • Website: Google Link

    • Review summary: Saint Bread in Seattle is celebrated for its unique and high-quality baked goods, offering items like the okonomiyaki tortilla, cardamom croissant, and smoked trout toast. Reviewers praise the friendly service and the heated patio which provides a cozy environment. Despite its higher price point, the quality and inventiveness of the offerings make it a worthwhile visit. The bakery’s setting near the waterfront adds to its charm, making it a pleasant spot for enjoying both the scenery and delightful pastries.

  14. Grand Central Bakery

    • Eastlake Address: 198 E. Blaine St, Seattle, WA 98102

    • Wallingford Address: 1607 N. 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

    • Wedgwood Address: 7501 35th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98115

    • Burien Address: 626 SW 152nd St, Burien, WA 98166

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Grand Central Bakery across its Seattle locations, including Eastlake, Wallingford, and Wedgwood, is highly praised for its quality baked goods and comfortable cafe atmosphere. Customers appreciate the diverse menu offerings, which include delicious pastries like chocolate chip cookies, butter croissants, and cinnamon rolls, along with hearty sandwiches such as turkey and bacon quiche. The bakery’s fresh bread is also a standout feature.

  15. Fresh Flours

    • Phinney Ridge Address: 6015 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

    • South Lake Union Address: 432 8th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

    • Beacon Hill Address: 1624 S McClellan St, Seattle, WA 98144

    • West Seattle Address: 9410 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

    • Website:

    • Review summary: Offers a serene setting ideal for enjoying coffee and Japanese-inspired pastries. Known for its calm atmosphere and favorites like matcha macarons and red bean pastries.

  16. Tous Les Jours

    • Address: 502 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104

    • Website: Tous Les Jours

    • Review summary: Showcases a variety of beautifully presented Asian-French pastries. Known for distinctive offerings like taro cream buns and guava pastries, and exceptional drinks like the iced Matcha lavender latte.

  17. Lady Yum

    • Address: 2130 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

    • Website: Lady Yum

    • Review summary: Specializes in macarons with a whimsical decor. Known for champagne deals and a variety of macaron flavors, providing a delightful experience both in-store and online.

  18. Le Fournil

    • Address: 3230 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

    • Website: Le Fournil

    • Review summary: Renowned for authentic French pastries like mille-feuille and chocolate tarts. Praised for its warm ambiance and high-quality offerings at reasonable prices.