Why we always end up with waterfall#

Article: https://www.amazingcto.com/why-we-always-endup-with-waterfall-even-scrum/


Light read.

  • The main waterfall driver is a lack of Product Owner - the central figure in Scrum.

  • Instead, teams have Product Manager who serves the needs of external stakeholders.

  • External stakeholders are not interested in product vision, they need predictable delivery for features.

  • Creating good estimates and adhering to plans forces the team to waterfall.

  • Efficient waterfall reduces communication, and favors horizontal teams.

  • Lazy Remote implementation fits this model even better then in-person.


Can’t have Scrum with multiple external stakeholders, demanding urgent changes. If we think about software team as a system, we need to consider feedback loops: their sign and length. Without focusing on short negative feedback loops, the system quickly grows out of control. In the case of waterfall, the feedback loops from engineers to architects, and from architects to stake holders, is effectively cut. This allows for a streamlined production of a wrong thing.

Which brings me to an idea of trying to diagram ADR, AAF, DRI as a system in the Donella Meadows style.